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July 25, 2021
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August 16, 2021


It’s a problem that many new entrepreneurs face: How do you convey the image of a strong, reliable and experienced company, when you’ve spent your career working for someone else?

That’s the challenge that the owner of New Amsterdam Kitchens brought to Create & Associates. He had worked many years as a craftsman and cabinetmaker for a large and well-known company that restored homes after fires, floods and other catastrophic damage. Now, he saw the opportunity to apply his skills in a new home remodeling business which would build exceptional kitchens and bathrooms at an affordable price.

His team’s credentials to do the work were unmistakable. But whenever he would approach a new prospect, he would hear the same two questions: “What does your work look like?” and “Where is your website?” Create & Associates set out to answer those questions in a way that would give customers the utmost confidence in hiring New Amsterdam Kitchens.


The first step was to make New Amsterdam Kitchens look like an established, trustworthy and well-run business. This required a strong logo, an engaging color palette, and a design approach for the website that conveyed the sophistication and artfulness of New Amsterdam Kitchen’s work, while also making it accessible enough to communicate practicality and affordability.

The next major issue – since all of the team’s prior work was done for other companies – was how to showcase the look of kitchens and bathrooms that hadn’t been built yet. Using imagery made available by the brands whose products New Amsterdam would install, Create & Associates created a home page video and a gallery of product pages which enabled prospects to clearly envision how attractive and beautiful their new kitchen or bathroom would be.

To support the new company’s all-important marketing efforts, Create & Associates delivered the following:

  1. Developed a “New York lifestyle” marketing strategy for introducing New Amsterdam Kitchens to the region
  2. Built the website to easily accommodate e-commerce capabilities, making it easy for customers to choose among various brands and styles
  3. Designed and implemented a social media campaign targeting area customers that began pulling in new prospects almost instantly upon launch


The New Amsterdam Kitchen brand is on its way to building a solid customer base and steady flow of new business. Based on initial response, the client has opted to extend the social media campaign and to offer new selections and greater convenience through an enhanced e-commerce experience. New Amsterdam Kitchens is delighted with its image, and is crafting a strong and appealing presence in the market.

Key capabilities:

  • Brand and Business Strategy
  • Logo Design and Visual Identity
  • Design and Programming (WordPress)
  • Social Media Organic and Paid Campaigns
  • Video Design, Editing and Production