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June 21, 2018
La Librairie des Enfants, NYC
December 3, 2018


Hart Vida & Partners is an accounting, tax, and management consulting firm, serving small and medium U.S. businesses, investor groups, family offices, and high net worth individuals. The firm also helps international individuals and companies looking to establish operations in the U.S. Create began working with the Hart Vida in 2012, as the company was preparing to expand its presence from local expert to a significant regional player.

The challenge for Create has been that of a trusted marketing partner and advisor to a professional services firm whose offering steadily became both deeper and broader, and whose client target became increasingly sophisticated.


Hart Vida & Partners does what it does best, inviting Create to be the outsourced marketing function for the firm. Create’s work covers all aspects of brand strategy, design, digital, and experience.

Create has a strong point of view that a website is not just the first point of contact customers might make, it’s often the most important. Consistent with that thinking, the most visible elements of the work Create has completed for Hart Vida include the logo and visual identity, strategic messaging, and infographics—all covered on the website and present in the e-commerce and social media work we do for the firm.


Hart Vida & Partners has grown 250% over the last seven years. Thanks to Create’s SEO strategy and web design, Hart Vida & Partners is now enjoying unsolicited inbound leads generated directly from the firm’s web presence.