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November 26, 2016
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December 10, 2016


Create and CityDroneZ met through Westchester County's business incubation program called Element 46. Create was honored to be invited by the County to volunteer and present a module on brand strategy and marketing to members of the cohort and participate in reviewing each participant's marketing and business plans.

The challenges for CityDroneZ were clear to Create. Maintaining brand-focus on the drone and its pilots presented strategic constraints and the risk of commodification over time. Acknowledging that was the first hurdle the team cleared. Yet, the company's name would remain the same so the value proposition needed a new, more client-centric focus. That meant: 1) understanding the value that CityDroneZ services and solutions drives to its clients and their stakeholders, and 2) positioning the brand to capture the opportunities for growth that would be most fertile over the next three to five years.

A secondary challenge was maintaining the vital role that technology plays in the brand's look and feel while also making the brand feel friendly and non-threatening—far from its military roots.


We began looking carefully at the continuum of services and value that includes the drone flight, but that is so much more than that. CityDroneZ is a data-sharing solutions company that works with clients from strategic consulting and aerial data capture to analysis, modeling, asset, and management.

The new business and brand strategy orient the company as a standards-based, intelligent-data service and trusted information, analytics, and insights partner. CityDroneZ helps clients make smarter decisions and achieve better results about their infrastructure and real assets. The positioning also:
  1. Emphasizes digital data solutions as the product
  2. Minimizes the role of the drone, which is just a tool.
  3. Affirms CityDroneZ as a partner to municipalities that want to operate drones inside their cities as a revenue source (cost-saving solution) using green energy technology.

The Create team also created a new color palette, logo, and identity system. Blue, green and white, with broad swaths of bright color and sun-filled imagery, presents an optimistic and eco-friendly look and feel. The tri-tone icon is an abstracted drone with soft forms that feel organic, not mechanical. The two-tone wordmark connotes friendly technology. It includes a strapline to help communicate the company's new orientation: "digital data solutions."


CityDroneZ has a new brand strategy that opens up possibilities and enable the company to evolve with the rapidly growing demand for aerial data capture by municipalities, utilities, AEC firms, and real estate and insurance concerns. CityDroneZ has also established critically important relationships with global leaders in aerial data, including L3Harris, Skyward—A Verizon Company, and ESRI.

Key capabilities:

  • Brand and Business Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Wordpress Web Design, Illustration, Animation and Production
  • Video Design, Editing and Production
  • Copywriting
  • Collateral Design