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A collaboration to create, brand and promote an exciting new book about personal branding.


Stacey Ross Cohen is a known expert in branding, earning a long list of awards in advertising, marketing and public relations and sharing her knowledge in TED-X talks and on television shows. So when it came time to launch her new book, Brand Up: The Ultimate Playbook for College and Career Success in the Digital World, Stacey knew she needed someone who could create excitement and enthusiasm for the book while staying true to the unified brand identity Ms. Cohen recommends.

The steps involved in successfully designing and launching a book span a wide range of specialties, and usually require hiring a number of different service providers. Yet Stacey found she could receive nearly all the skills she needed from one source: Cecile Rothschild of Create & Associates.


The project would eventually encompass everything from the book design, layouts and illustrations;  social media across multiple platforms; 3D displays at bookstores; branded giveaways for book signings; a media kit; banners for tradeshows and events; and even a monumental animated billboard on Times Square.

Yet it all began with Stacey approaching Cecile to provide one service: the visual design of her new book, including layouts and illustrations. Since Brand Up is aimed at young people in their late teens and early twenties, Stacey knew it required a fresh, contemporary and engaging design. She also knew there was no one who could deliver that type of look quite like Cecile, who also happened to be her lifetime friend. So even though her publisher, Post Hill Press, offered an in-house illustrator, Stacey went with Create & Associates.

The difference became noticeable right away. For example, Stacey’s original concept for the book was a classic text-on-white format, which highlighted the guidebook’s instructional intent. Cecile noted that, much like Brand Up teaches the importance of standing out, the book’s cover needed to stand out, as well. There was also the critically important reality that because Amazon pages are white, a mainly-white book cover would fade into the background.

From there, the partnership took off. Cecile and Stacey collaborated on developing and implementing a marketing and promotional strategy that addressed the wide variety of touch points where prospects could become aware of, and ultimately purchase, the new book.

The  social media platforms include:  Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn – supported by the strategy for the content calendar, and creative execution of all messages), eye-catching banners to run on career and education websites, 3D displays at bookstores, online press releases, digital billboards, and the design and development of a branded website. In every situation, the visual imagery, logo design, and custom communication strategy supported the unique identity at the heart of Brand Up’s message.


Brand Up launched on April 4, 2023 and is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and Walmart. Pre-orders were already coming in before the launch, and the book has received multiple endorsements from experts in the fields of branding, marketing and career development, including Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank fame.

Social Media Strategy:

Create’s strategic plan to promote Brand Up on social media began with targeted posts aimed at driving  organic growth. That was followed with recruiting a teen brand ambassador to better reach high school students, which was then supported with a paid TikTok campaign.

Big response in a short time:

Through ongoing analysis of message performance, and a minimal investment in TikTok paid advertising, it only took two months for Brand Up’s viewership to rise from initial introduction to 56,000+ viewers, 1700+ followers, and over 2,250 comments, likes and shares from a clearly engaged teen audience.

Key capabilities:

  • Book and layout design
  • Illustrations for the book and all marketing and social media platforms
  • Brand, Visual and Communication Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Animation and creation of social media post
  • Web Design and Development
  • Advertising and 3D Display Design
  • Social media strategy, content calendar and visual execution

Cecile is EVERYTHING branding and is an exceptional talent. I've had the pleasure of partnering with Cecile on many projects for 15-plus years, and the bottom line is that she consistently exceeds expectations. When it came to a book project, I turned to Cecile to work her magic on branding and illustration. She delivered stunning results that will undoubtedly propel this book into best-seller status! Cecile is extremely holistic in her approach — strategic, creative, and precise with implementation. On a personal note, Cecile is an absolute pleasure to work with and always has skin in the game — she is warm, caring, responsive, and accessible, making each client feel as if they were the only one!

Author, TedX Speaker, President & CEO of Co-Communications

Here's a taste of Stacey's book.