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July 25, 2021
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August 16, 2021

Proud to design, illustrate, evolve the CoreNet NYC Chapter Magazine since 2012

Since 2012 Create and Associates has been working closely with CoreNet NY in their quarterly magazine. We are proud of the redesign of the InSite issue from Summer 2019 for CoreNet NY. We launched then a brand new issue, with a complete design overall, new look, exiting articles, fonts, colors, style.... We continue to evolve the modern design every year, adapting to the situation and the times.

CoreNet Global New York City Chapter is committed to effectiveness within the corporate real estate sector, delivering a strategically integrated approach to workplace management and resources. The organization’s 800+ members represent corporate end-users and service providers from New York City’s largest publicly-held companies at the forefront of real estate planning, development and innovation, including Fortune 500 companies generating over $1 billion in annual revenue. As a division of CoreNet Global, the worlds’ leading association for corporate real estate and workplace professionals, service providers and economic developers, CoreNet NYC is part of an international network of over 8,000 members representing 70% of Fortune 100 companies.

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