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December 3, 2018
January 7, 2019

"Create & Associates has partnered and helped Lara Michelle Beautiful Interiors build a cohesive, upscale brand identity across platforms. I’m proud of our latest endeavor, launching Lara Michelle Designs influencer marketing blog. The complete influencer marketing effort owes so much to Cecile Rothschild’s knowledge, understanding of the field and creativity. "

Lara Michelle

February 2019


Lara Michelle has been solving interior design challenges for more than 20 years. As her business grew, Lara challenged Create to develop a corporate brand and fire-up her marketing to convey her sense of style.


Lara’s personal sense of style is pronounced and her work is highly visual. Create understood that the essential elements of the Lara Michelle Beautiful Interiors brand were in place, it was our job to identify and package them in a way that would give Lara the brand leverage she needed to grow. Like Lara herself, the outcome needed to be beautiful, upscale, elegant, engaging, and highly responsive. After years of collaboration with Lara, Create has recently completed the second generation of the Lara Michelle Beautiful Interiors website.

Create is also completed early 2019 of a new influencer blog website for Lara Michelle Beautiful Interiors. Its role is to promote Lara as a social media influencer to once again bring new avenues of growth to the growing business.


The Lara Michelle brand identity runs through the firm’s digital and print marketing, ongoing social media and e-marketing, and website design. It coherently amplifies Lara’s personal brand into her corporate brand.

Lara thrilled with the work. While there’s nothing like meeting her and talking about the unlimited possibilities of color, materials, and form, and the genius of master seamstresses and upholsterers, but her clients have remarked that visiting her website is almost like meeting with her.

Key capabilities: