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Balancing Life’s Issues (BLI) has trained over one million people and boasts one of the largest training bureaus in the United States. With a curriculum of over 350 courses, all of which can be customized, the array of topics is nearly unlimited. Since its founding, the company had transitioned to Shopify as its primary sales and marketing platform. The generic site worked for a time as a simple catalog supporting a reputation-based company. The pandemic brought about massive social change, and the B2C component of B2B marketing became exponentially more important. It was time to update the logo, brand identity and to overhaul the Shopify site completely.


The first thing we did was elevate BLI from unofficial shorthand for the company name to how the logo is read. Using the lowercase B as a wrapper for the L and the dot of the I (as a simplified stand-in for the letter), we also created a dynamic logo with an economical form that mirrors the shorthand name. The dot on the I also evolved into a motif that expresses individuality, whimsey, inspiration, and possibility. With the motif layered into photographs of people feeling free in the potential of their own lives, BLI now presents a plain, confident, empowering, and visually narrative identity that supports the big idea: that life is different now.


BLI’s website is highly lauded by peers, trainers, clients, and prospective clients.

Key capabilities:

This has been an amazing experience. Cecile and her team have completed the website for my company (Balancing Life's Issues, Inc.) as well as for MATIUSA. Her work/passion/dedication has far exceeded our expectations. When I saw both finished projects I was blown away by how perfectly they captured our messages. Thank you!!

Wendy Wollner
Balancing Life's Issues