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August 16, 2021
Book design from cover to completion
April 6, 2023


It’s a problem that many new entrepreneurs face: How do you convey the image of a strong, reliable and experienced company, when you’ve just launched your new business?

That’s the challenge that the owner of Kitchen Gardens of Westchester brought to Create & Associates. He had worked many years as a banker for a well-known Westchester bank. Now, he saw the opportunity to apply his skills and passion developed over 30 years in his own garden to local consumer and Westchester and Connecticut residents.

Create & Associates set out to help in a way that would give customers the utmost confidence in hiring Kitchen Gardens of Westchester: offer Bruce to build an Organic Kitchen Garden in Create's backyard and make it the showcase of his marketing campaign.


The first step was to make Kitchen Gardens of Westchester look like an established, trustworthy and well-run business. This required a strong logo, an engaging color palette, and a design approach for the website that conveyed the beauty and bountyness of Kitchen Gardens of Westchester work, while also making it accessible enough to communicate practicality and affordability.

To support the new company’s all-important business launch, Create & Associates worked on the following marketing effort:

  1. Domain acquisition: Purchase and direction
  2. Logo: Development and design
  3. Website: Creation, design and programming
  4. Postcard promotion: Design, development and printing of local campaign
  5. Tear-off poster: Design of take-one communications to post in nurseries and organic retailers around Westchester and Lower CT
  6. Meet and greet event: Hosted a gathering of 40 neighbors to present and promote Kitchen Gardens my local area
  7. Referrals: Referred a paying client in early May - prior to business launch
  8. Social media campaign: Developed and implemented a social media calendar across platforms using paid target advertising and boosted posts: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Next Door
  9. Paid Facebook advertising

Key Capabilities

To support the new company’s all-important business launch, Create & Associates worked on the following marketing effort:

  1. Development of the brand identity
  2. Logo: Development and design
  3. Design and programming of the website in Wordpress
  4. Creation and implementation of print, online and e-marketing materials
  5. Strategy development and application of social media content programs on Instagram, Facebook, Next Door, Google Business and Pinterest
  6. Facebook and Instagram Paid Ad Campaigns

The immediate results

Within 10 days, the Paid Facebook Ad Campaign and organic Social Media content achieved these results:

  • 21,196 viewers reached in the Ridgefield, Armonk, New Canaan targeted communities (10 miles radius each) day
  • 594 clicked through to view the website
  • 1 customer signed on for immediate consultation via direct instant messenger
  • 4 appointments