CityDroneZ: Positioning an Emergent Leader in a Frontier Industry
November 28, 2016
Janice Duarte 4 Council
March 3, 2018

Create & Associates doesn’t just design websites. We develop branding as well as digital and print marketing strategies that bring our clients visibility and more business.


Branding and Messaging

Type of solution:

  • Brand identity development
  • Mission Statement
  • Elevator Pitch

Goals and Approach

To refine the ways in which The Music Conservatory of Westchester communicates with its many constituencies.

The Process

We reviewed existing materials, content, messaging. Reviewed competitors – community groups, for-profit schools. We developed logo, a tagline, an elevator pitch and mission statement. We revised with the team, and presented to the board of directors.

Additional goals were:

  • To grow the business (enrollment)
  • To motivate others to spread the word
  • To increase awareness
  • To create brand consistency across all printed and e-communications