Driving growth in website traffic through enhanced marketing, design, and SEO


How does a new website go from zero visitors at the start to 27,000 page views per month? That’s the story of College Money Matters, a non-profit organization dedicated to the important mission of helping high school seniors and their families learn to make good decisions about college without going deep into debt.

The organization needed its new website, collegemoneymatters.org, to attract its target audience of college-bound students, their families, and high school counselors, and to keep them engaged and interested while continually increasing reach and awareness. To accomplish those goals, they turned to Create & Associates.


Working in close collaboration with the client, Create & Associates planned the site’s content strategy, designed the brand look and identity, and created a host of branded illustrations, animated videos, helpful articles, interactive games, and entertaining presentations that matched the way today’s students want to learn.

To bring people to the site, Create & Associates initiated a marketing and social media campaign that spans Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn, along with e-mail marketing to school administrators, college counselors and potential donors and supporters.

And recently, the Create & Associates team combined with Karen Carlson, an SEO expert, Emmy-winning multimedia producer, and member of the College Money Matters Board of Directors, to implement a strategy that directly reflected how the target market searches for useful information on paying for college.


Today, collegemoneymatters.org benefits from organic SEO techniques embedded in every page, an ongoing Google Ad campaign, and a continuous use of analytics to keep the site fresh and responsive to the target market’s search behavior.

As a result, the site is averaging 27,000 page views per month, with visitors remaining on the site and engaging with its information at a rate of 7,500 sessions per month.

The site has generated a great number of positive reviews from students, parents, and guidance counselors alike, and is making a powerful impact in the cause of enabling students to pursue a quality college education that is both affordable and worthwhile.