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July 25, 2021
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In 2008, Leason Ellis opened its doors as a boutique IP law firm based in White Plains. Its size, location, focus, and quirky personality offered an alternative to more established law firms in NYC. The recipe that worked and the firm grew.

Thirteen years later, Leason Ellis's position on the legal landscape has dramatically shifted. The firm's partners are some of the most recognized IP lawyers in the United States. Leason Ellis is big enough to handle any intellectual property issue or related litigation matter that its global clientele may face. The brand no longer reflected the firms' sophistication and strategic approach.


Unlike large general practice firms, Leason Ellis is dedicated to the command of a specific area of the law: intellectual property. The firm's ability to form nimble and interdisciplinary teams that make the most of individual talents, and its extensive range of advanced degrees, sets it apart.

Create recognized that the driver of Leason Ellis' reputation is the quality of the firm's penetrating insight and its ability to apply legal counsel to intellectual property matters that produce valuable business outcomes. Thus, Create developed "Applied Insight" as a registered trademark of the firm.

At the core of the brand are the firm's core values and clear brand voice. Leason Ellis’ practice of law is a technical craft and an art, and the firm has a history of quirky humor and personal style. The brand voice attributes (deliberate, expert, expressive) bring this all together and guides the creative expression of everything the firm says and does.

What we did:

  1. Research the competitive landscape and trends in the intellectual property law industry, and work with partners and the executive committee to define and firm's corporate purpose, brand promise, corporate values, and brand voice.
  2. Redesign the logo and brand identity, and create a robust brand guidelines document.
  3. Create a new website with all new copy and identity elements, including all new attorney bios, and an extensive news and insights section, and prepare the site to launch in Chinese, Mandarin, and Japanese.
  4. Execute a full website and brand launch, including designing and developing new Office templates, practice area marketing brochures, internal communications and news announcements, and discreet partner marketing support.


The firm is now presenting a tightly unified brand across all touchpoints and has a clear identity and messaging strategy. The website has been highly lauded by peers and prospective employees. Metrics are confidential.

Key capabilities:

My law firm tapped Cecile Rothschild and Evan Molho of Create & Associates to help us develop a new brand strategy and visual identity. These consummate professionals teased out our core values and vision, and translated them into a compelling, cohesive brand, which they then implemented across the firm including on our most outward-facing visual expression – a robust, new website. We could not be happier, and we value our ongoing relationship with Create.

Peter Sloane
Leason Ellis