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Key capabilities:

  • Visual Identity
  • Wix Website
  • Infographics and social media

" “Create’s redesign of the FeedHV website really captures the community aspect of our food rescue network. The dramatic video they created for us to use on the site and in our outreach really conveys the need within our communities and the caring efforts of our volunteers, donors, and receiving agencies in helping to reduce hunger in the Hudson Valley.” "

Mary Ann Johnson, Deputy Director,
Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corporation


With the goal of helping feed the hungry across the Hudson Valley while also reducing food waste, the FeedHV program connects local food producers, restaurants and outreach organizations with those most in need.

It’s an innovative effort that has made a difference in many lives, but it requires a robust series of connections between the donors of food and fresh produce, the non-profit organizations that coordinate food assistance programs, and the families and individuals battling the scourge of hunger.

Recognizing that the program’s reach and awareness could be enhanced dramatically through better online communications and technology, the Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corporation – the organization behind FeedHV – called upon Create & Associates to develop a new website and image for the program.


Through in-depth discussions with FeedHV’s leadership and marketing teams, Create & Associates learned that the client needed a way to continuously update its website with new information. This called for a platform that allowed for easy content management, and it was decided that Wix – with its user-friendly, “drag and drop” format that does not require any knowledge of code -- would be the best option.

The Create team then built the entire site in Wix, advancing the ability to update content while also changing the visual approach to convey a far greater sense of hope, engagement and community involvement. One particular highlight of the new website is the introductory video on the landing page, which portrays the extent of hunger in the Hudson Valley and the difference FeedHV is making through its ongoing food rescue efforts.

Another new feature on the site are the many infographic-style data charts, which visually tell the story of FeedHV’s ongoing progress in adding new food donors, expanding the amount of volunteer food runs, and increasing the number of pounds of food distributed to food assistance agencies across the Hudson Valley.

In addition, the new “Find Food” page empowers recipients and those helping them, by providing a continuously updated list of approved locations where donated food is being distributed. This capability had never been available before, and now all that’s required is for a site visitor to enter a location and zip code – and the closest nearby food assistance locations appear instantly.


According to Hudson Valley Magazine, since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in mid-March, the Hudson Valley area has seen a 50% increase in the need for emergency food.*

With its far more robust website, a new, powerful video being seen throughout the region on social media, and wide range of ways for the FeedHV staff to keep its ever-growing network of food providers, volunteers, service organizations, and recipients up to date, is helping to bring greater food security to peoples, families and communities across the Hudson Valley.