January 7, 2019
January 7, 2019

YWCA of Greenwich

100 Years of Compassion, Commitment, and Courage


As this heralded institution approached 2019, its 100th year of service to the people in and around Greenwich, YWCA Greenwich challenged Create to do two things. The first was to create a special edition of their annual report for 2019. The second was to develop an awareness campaign to underpin drives in membership growth and fundraising.


Beyond raising awareness about the institution, Create saw an opportunity to deepen understanding of the YWCA brand. Create began work by digging deeply into historic print journalism coverage, a review and analysis of all available past annual reports and newsletters, a review of the photograph and document archives, a document review of materials held by the Greenwich Historical Society, printed interviews made available by the Greenwich Library Oral History Project, and interviews with current YWCA Greenwich staff and board members.

Create was able to help YWCA Greenwich emphasize its legacy, practice, and vision of social and racial justice as the through-line of everything it says and does—has ever done and will do. This came to life through an illustration style and pictorial narrative that seamlessly meshed historical photographs with current ones. Create also develop the campaign logo and tagline, “In Greenwich for Good,” to reinforce the place and the purpose of the institution. The line was elaborated upon on the cover of annual report to include YWCA national values . “1919-2019: 100 Years of Compassion, Commitment, and Courage in Greenwich.”


The result has been a refreshed visual identity for YWCA Greenwich, a greater emphasis on the brand strategy in all communications and behaviors, and a more widely and deeply understood organization. The identity is now not only closer to the national YWCA brand, but has enabled YWCA to project a more distinct and authentic identity in the highly competitive Greenwich membership services and non-profit fundraising markets.
YWCA cover.2018

Key capabilities:

  • Annual Report
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Print Marketing
  • Strategic Communications
  • Visual Identity
  • Signage
  • Web design and programming



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