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November 12, 2023

Over Threefold ROI for Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester

Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester's Successful Marketing Campaign

Client Overview:

Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester is a reputable restoration company based in Yonkers, New York, specializing in disaster recovery services renovation, restoration and laser cleaning. With a focus on professionalism and excellence, they aimed to expand their client base and secure larger contracts in the competitive New York Tri State area market.


Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester, a franchise start up, faced challenges in visibility and client acquisition. Despite their expertise, they needed a comprehensive marketing strategy to stand out, attract top-tier clients, and justify their marketing investment.

Key capabilities:

  • Brand and Business Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Video Design, Editing and Production
  • Web Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Digital marketing strategy on Linkedin, development of a campaign and implementation
  • PR Collaboration with Co-Communications

Our investment in Create and Associates's work with the development of a powerful visual brand presence, a website, and organic digital marketing not only has achieved a significant ROI for our company but also has established a strong market presence and secured valuable long term contracts. Thank you Create !!

Ron Fanish
Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester


Recognizing the need for a robust marketing approach, Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester engaged Create and Associates, a leading marketing agency. Create and Associates took a holistic approach, starting with developing a strong brand identity that reflected Rainbow International's values of reliability, efficiency, and expertise in disaster restoration.

Brand Identity Development: Create and Associates worked closely with Rainbow International to craft a compelling brand identity, including logo design, color schemes, and brand messaging that resonated with their target audience.

Website Design and Development: Next, Create and Associates designed and developed a modern, user-friendly website for Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester. The website showcased their services, expertise, and success stories, enhancing credibility and attracting potential clients.

PR Articles in Collaboration with Co Communications: Create and Associates collaborated with Co Communications, a New York PR agency, to write compelling PR articles highlighting Rainbow International's unique services, industry insights, and success stories. The articles were strategically distributed to relevant media outlets and online platforms to maximize reach and visibility.

Organic Digital Marketing Strategy: Leveraging their expertise in digital marketing, Create and Associates has implemented an organic digital marketing strategy on LinkedIn. This included creating engaging content, sharing industry insights, and fostering relationships with potential clients and industry influencers.


The collaborative marketing efforts yielded remarkable results for Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester:
Threefold ROI: The marketing campaign delivered a threefold return on investment (ROI), exceeding expectations and demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategy implemented by Create and Associates.

High Visibility on LinkedIn and Website: The campaign's high visibility on LinkedIn, coupled with the professionally designed website, significantly increased brand awareness and attracted top-tier clients from New York City and beyond.

Attracted Large Contracts: As a result of the enhanced visibility and credibility, Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester secured several large contracts with prestigious clients in New York City. These contracts not only justified the marketing investment but also contributed substantially to revenue growth.

Sustainable Growth: The successful marketing campaign laid a solid foundation for sustainable growth, positioning Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester as a trusted leader in the industry and attracting ongoing business opportunities.


The collaboration between Rainbow International Restoration of Westchester, Create and Associates, and Co Communications exemplifies the power of a well-executed marketing strategy. By investing in brand identity, website design, PR articles, and organic digital marketing, Rainbow International not only achieved a significant ROI but also established a strong market presence and secured valuable contracts, paving the way for continued success and growth in the competitive restoration industry.