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In 2016, at Drupa, the international tradeshow that takes place in Hamburg, Germany, once every four years, Tracer won five gold medals in six competitive categories, as blindly determined by international judges. This was a technical audience recognizing peer excellence, but no one knew who they were.

Tracer challenged Create to increase awareness with consumers and help increase sales of its large format lenticular products.


Create saw an opportunity to reposition Tracer to define a new market for its products, one centered on the creative class—both professionals and non-professional creatives who seek inspiration and the opportunity to change what people think through the power of their visual ideas.

The most ubiquitous change was an evolution to the corporate logo. The company name in the logo was changed from all lower-case letters to all-caps, to express the firm’s swagger. Create also reorganized and streamlined Tracer’s product offering to make it more intuitive and make the products more easily understood by customers and clients. The most significant change was renaming a class of products formerly known as lenticular.

Create developed the proprietary descriptor “motion graphics” to evoke the customer experience of the product, rather than maintain the conventional name the puts the customer focus on an element of the products’ construction (the lenticule).


Tracer Imaging has is prepared for the next generation of growth, armed it with a refreshed go-to-market strategy and the marketing tools to realize its goals.

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Creativity demands passion, intelligence and commitment. It needs to be fed. Fortunately, we live in a world that inspires us to look, learn, and dream—to connect the dots and think new thoughts. Here’s an imperfect and ever-changing list of stuff we like.

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