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November 21, 2018
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July 28, 2018

"Create & Associates has partnered with us since our launch, and they’ve helped us build our brand from the bottom up. I’m intensely proud of our latest website, which owes so much to Cecile Rothschild’s flexibility and creativity. When we’d get “stuck,” she’d lure us forward with enticing concepts that helped us envision what the site could accomplish."

Jenine Lepera Izzi, NYJDI

April, 2018


Back in 2014, when Jenine Lepara Izzi was a corporate sales executive in real estate and interior design, she could hardly have imagined that today New York Jewelry Design Institute would be a leading boutique educator for jewelry design and entrepreneurship. But, for people who know her, it was certainly inevitable that this amazing and multi-talented visionary would achieve anything less. Fortunately, she had the foresight to hire Create to help her bring her vision to life.


Create knew the key to marketing the success of New York Jewelry Design Institute would be tapping into the passion for life, for making and creating, and for embracing new directions—all attributes of its celebrated founder and creative director, Jenine Lepara Izzi.

Since it’s founding, Create has been NYJDI’s brand and marketing agency of record. In that time, Create has created several generations of websites that evolved with the school’s needs. The extensive “third generation” site includes more than 50 pages, imaginative use of video and user-friendly e-commerce permitting online class registration across digital platforms. Designed as a traffic magnet, the site employs advanced technology to help the Institute become easily findable by aspiring students around the world.


Through Create’s unique combination of responsive web design, e-commerce functionality, and traffic-generating technology, Valsan achieved a contemporary, fresh design; increased web-traffic; and a remarkable acceleration of digital presence.