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I Love Live Music

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February 16, 2019
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February 17, 2019
I Love Live Music
by Evan

Seeing 30 to 40 concerts per year is pretty standard for me. I'm also a musician, a guitar player, so I listen all the time and enjoy a broad range of music. Over the summer, my family and I never fail to attend the Cape Cod Chamber Music Festival events. We hit Jazz at Lincoln Center. I love to catch Phish's electrifying light and sound shows when the band from Vermont comes to Madison Square Garden. This year I'm especially excited to head up to Mass MOCA for Wilco's Solid Sound festival in June. And, perhaps you've already guessed it, I'm a regular at The Capitol Theatre--a place that has become a second home to me.

The language, technology, theory, and camaraderie that are essential ingredients to performance are all familiar to me. Great performance rises above all that. It demands the kind of passion that allows the music to play the band. In January, I saw Wood Brothers deliver that kind of performance. Supported by the incredible Priscilla Renea, check out this clip of the ensemble performing "Sing About It" to a room of 1,800 using just one microphone and a bunch of acoustic instruments. This is why I keep going back for more. Enjoy.