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Peloton = The Apple of Fitness

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November 26, 2018
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February 2, 2019
Hooked On Everything Peloton
by Cecile

I'm a shameless fitness addict, a triathlete, an adrenaline junky on skis, always seeking endless terrain and perfect champagne powder snow. I have found my new drug- my Peloton Tread. I received my new tread last week and I am in owe of the technology, brand identity, modern packaging design, sleek display, and icons. The tread was build and created for the type "A" competitive woman that I so totally am.

Seven days and seven workouts later, I'm elated, awash in the twin senses of achievement and excitement that seasoned Peloton fanatics know so well. I'm hooked on adrenaline. I constantly race to beat my latest record. My new Peloton is the Apple of fitness in every possible way. I am impressed by everything Peloton: the music, the instructors, the design, and the fabulous machine.