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December 3, 2018
Hart, Vida & Partners
November 21, 2018

Cloud Elevate


IBM was looking for a new way to reach influencers and decision-makers interested in staying on top of the challenges of managing Cloud services. The goal was for IBM to put itself in a highly qualified selling environment within the guise of a thought leadership solon. Fortune Knowledge Group, a division of Time, Inc., was hired by IBM to curate the content.

Fortune challenged Create to brand the event and make it happen.


Elevate NYC! was created as a cloud innovation forum that would bring industry leaders—IBM’s top prospects. Based on our research and collaboration with IBM and Fortune, Create knew the key to success would be making sure business leaders who came to the event would leave with the following takeaways:

  • Focus on required business outcomes before determining a cloud strategy
  • Make sure top leadership is trained in security crisis management skills
  • Establish a digital transformation vision that is bold and looks far out into the future
  • Think of digital transformation as a store: provide a variety of services and a great customer experience
  • Be prepared to lead or implement a significant cultural shift in the organization


IBM hosted over 250 leading business executives at the World Trade Center in NYC for an exclusive Cloud Innovation Forum.